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January 18, 1924,  First Baptist of Indio became organized and established under the leadership of Reverend Jones.

Prior to 1924, a small group of Baptist believers held church services in a number of homes in Indio, CA.

Sometime in 1933,  First Baptist Church moved to Oasis Street in the vicinity of the current Indio Courthouse parking lot. During this time, the church was named First Missionary Baptist Church, but still known in the community as First Baptist Church of Indio. The following were pastors prior to our current pastor: Pastor Wine, Pastor Speech, Pastor Miles, Pastor Booty, Pastor McPeters, Pastor Ship, and our current pastor,

Pastor Earl Dixon. In the early 70's church members came together to build the very church that exists today.

Under the leadership of Pastor Ray Harris and members of the Board of Trustees, including Brother Willie Castleberry, Brother T.C. Lee, Joseph Newell, and Reverend Joseph Speech, First Baptist Church of Indio was built. Ground breaking took place in January, 1973 on what is formerly known as Noble Ranch. Two years later, on November 2, 1975, construction of First Baptist Church of Indio was completed...Today, history continues to be made. Under the Leadership of Pastor Earl Dixon, the word of God continues to move forward, along with our blessed relationship with the community.

We are always reminded that the church was "Purchased With His Own Blood."

(Please click on the button to view the press release regarding our church's 100th Year Anniversary).

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